Seema Ramluckhun

Accounts Department


The Division of Accounting.
TILs Division of Accounting has broad responsibilities within the financial management structure. Generally speaking, Accounting is responsible for financial reporting, account processing, the establishment of our general internal control structure, and prescription of policies that promote the efficient and effective management of revenues and expenditures.
Accounting’s Financial Reporting and Internal Controls Group are responsible for the issuance of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as well as the preparation of many other reports and the periodic review of internal controls at Organizations. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is a key component in the determination of the growth of the company.
Our accounting system consists of General Ledger, Commitment Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Billing, Cash Management, Customer Contracts, eProcurement and Purchasing, Grants Management, and Project Costing.
We serve all the departments of the company to support the mission of continual growth of TIL.